June 18, 2015

Buffalo Exchange Trip

I have wanted to visit a Buffalo Exchange for a little while. I never really came across one and nor did I go out of my way to search for one. I finally took the time to go to the Buffalo Exchange in Georgetown. 

It was a nice store, easily found, well organized, and had impressive inventory. Even though it was smaller, there was still lots of clothes to choose from. I purchased one shirt, which is more unique than most shirts I buy and was a very nice price, but it is currently in the wash, so I'm just going to share the accessories that I came across. 

I just kind of came across the scarf section. I saw this navy and white striped scarf, similar to others that I have refrained from buying in the past. Even though it is Summer, I bought this J Crew scarf for $12, something I definitely would have paid the original price for. 

The first necklace that I spotted on the stand is simple and seems to be good quality. I took it home for $8.50, a good price as it seems like something I would wear over and over again. 

Necklaces are my weakness. I wear this one specific necklace a lot. I saw a necklace similar to the one I already love, a little too much, but still different enough. Needless to say, I purchased it for $6.50 (it was 50%off). I later realized that it is from Loft, which means it is pretty good quality and most likely cost a decent bit. 

I fell in love with their sunglass selections. They stocked a few pairs of designer sunglasses. They were still expensive, but much cheaper than their original prices. I stuck to the cheaper and still abundant selection. There were a few pairs of cat eyed styles and I settled for a smaller, tortoise shell, pair that only cost me $8. They feel very sturdy and the plastic feels thick, unlike my other cheaper pairs, which are usually from Target. They may not look the best on me, but I like them and have given up on finding flattering sunglasses. 

May 17, 2015

Birchbox-- May 2015

May's Birchbox was centered around a blogger and author, who wrote Cupcakes and Cashmere at Home. Anyways, my box this month is pretty amazing and well rounded. 

Starting out with the things I'm least excited about, the Dr. Jart Night Beauty Balm. It feels nice on my skin and claims to be safe to sleep in, which I guess is nice. In all honesty, I feel like the beauty balm craze is over and I don't understand the marketing behind a "night" beauty balm.

The other skin care product, the Marcelle Hydra-C 24H Energizing Hydrating Gel, is an intense moisturizer. I will use it, but, in relativity to the rest of my box, it is not something I am excited about. 

Birchbox doesn't always give the best makeup samples, so receiving the Mally Evercolor Waterproof Eyeliner in Shimmering Steel is pretty exciting. It's different than the normal black and brown eyeliner that most people stick to, but is still a neutral. Plus, the formula is smooth and long wearing. 

I am more excited to test out the Harvey Prince Sea Salt Texturizing Mist. I like the packaging and the smell, which is strong, but still a nice men's type of scent. 

Probably the most exciting, and valuable, thing in my box is the Macadamia Nourishing Moisture Oil Treatment. I love Macadamia hair products and I will definitely use their oil. 

March 20, 2015

March 2015 Birchbox

This month, the actual box is perfect for Spring. Plus, Birchbox put the products and their descriptions back on the card they send, which makes me quite happy. I missed not having the information last month.

I love the It's a 10 Miracle Leave In Product and Birchbox keeps sending it to me. I really don't mind, since I use it after every wash to help with brushing out my hair. It tames my hair and helps make brushing a little bit easier. 
A few days after my box arrived, Birchbox emailed to inform me that they added 50 extra points to my account for accidentally sending me the same product twice. I truly don't mind, but this is amazing customer service. 

I also got the Paula's Choice Resist Moisture Renewal Oil Booster. I really like using face oils and I am up for anything hydrating.

The Elite Theraputics Rosemary Eucalyptus Body Creme seems nice. It has quite the natural scent and is made with mostly organic ingredients, not something I necessarily look for, but it's still an interesting fact.

I love this trend of sheet masks. I tried my first one in January's Birchbox and have been purchasing them from Sephora. The BioRepublic Skincare Green Tea Detox Purifying Fiber Mask is infused with tea and claims to nourish the skin while cleansing it of impurities.

I am always excited to receive a little bit of makeup in my Birchbox. The Jelly Pong Pong Glow Getter Highlighter is made with 80% water, which claims to make it very lightweight. The name is a little out there, which bothers me. I swatched it and it's definitely not my favorite. It doesn't blend out evenly and looks a little strange on.

March 17, 2015

YSL Touche Eclat

I go through phases of using the YSL Touche Eclat, but I have ultimately decided it is not worth the money for what it gives.

I bought the this product when Sephora was having a sale, but that doesn't justify the price. It is as expensive as a foundation at $42.

I purchased the shade 3 because the first few shades are too light and would make my under eyes look ashy. It claims to brighten your complexion, which then diminishes dark circles. I find that it does highlight, but you can still clearly see the darkness underneath my eyes. If you do not have dark circles, this could work to brighten, but I would not pay over $40 for a mediocre eye brightener. 

This product does not erase fatigue, as it claims, but rather makes it look like I tried to cover up my fatigue. It is the type of product that needs to be paired with a higher coverage concealer. It only works to highlight, but if I want a highlight, I buy a highlight, so I prefer using other products.

If you want something with heavy duty coverage, I would purchase the Bobbi Brown Corrector. If you want something with less coverage, I would not even spend the money on this. If you want to spend a lot of money, I would buy one of YSL's lipsticks instead. 

March 15, 2015

Mac Cleanse Off Oil

I use a cleansing oil at night to remove my makeup and then follow it up with a cleanser and usually my clarisonic. However, if I am feeling a bit more lazy, which is quite often, I just use a cleansing oil and go straight to bed. 

I have tried a few different cleansing oils and I decided to pick up the miniature Mac Cleanse Off Oil, which costs $10 for 1 fl oz. 

I love the packaging. The bottle is sleek. You can lock the pump to make sure it doesn't accidentally leak. Also, the pump gives you much more control over any other cleansing oils that I have tried. 

It doesn't have an offensive scent, which is great when it comes to skin care. When you first apply it to dry skin, it really melts your makeup. Then, when you add some warm water, it emulsifies and makes makeup disappear. I like how easy cleansing oils are, including this one, to use and how gently they disintegrate your makeup, without drying out your skin.

March 13, 2015

Sephora Birthday Gift// Nars Lip Pencils

Last year, I was not too excited about the Makeup Forever lipstick and eyeliner birthday gift. It just wasn't really something I wanted to try, but this year is a different story. I absolutely love Nars. It is probably one of my favorite makeup brands. I have been wanting to try out more of their lip pencils (I have 1, but I do not like the shade at all; I talked about it here). That being said, I am really excited about this years birthday gift.

March 11, 2015

Milani Eyeshadow-- Bella Champagne

I don't usually like drugstore eyeshadows, especially not singles. I feel like the quality lacks and the pigmentation is far from desirable. I gave these Milani Eyeshadows a chance and at $3.99 I didn't have much to loose. The price is far cheaper than I would have expected. 

I don't mind the packaging. It is not my favorite, but I like how it isn't too bulky and doesn't feel too cheap. 

These shadows claim to start as a gel and dry to a powder. I have no idea where the "gel" comes from because these are definitely a powder from start to finish. The powder formula is very smooth and soft. It blends and glides onto the skin. The formula is much higher quality than I would expect for $4; comparable to high end shadows. The shadow is long wearing when paired with a primer and/or base. 

I chose Bella Champagne, wich is a light-medium, neutral champagne. It is very shimmery, but not at all chunky. It is not opaque, but is still pigmented. The shade is light enough to use as a highlight and dark enough to use across the lids. This shade is safe for those who do not wear a lot of makeup and a great basic for those who wear a lot of makeup. 

March 9, 2015

Products I Regret Purchasing

I can usually tolerate products that I don't necessarily care for, but these few have too many negatives for me to even want to try and use. Why would I use products that I do not whole heartily love when I have a multitude of products that I do love? It is great if you love any of these products, but they don't personally work for me.

As a set of 3 concealers and one powder, only one of the shades in the Sonia Kashuk Camoflouge Concealer Kit really suit my skin tone. 

This product is a good idea in theory and could work for some, but I find that like many other under eye brighteners, the Bare Minerals Well Rested Eye Brightener leaves my skin looking a little bit ashy.

I used to love the Mac Cream Color Base in Hush, but after trying other highlighters, I realize that this product is too thin and the formula causes it to sit on top of the skin instead of blending in.

Benefit High Brow is way too dry and doesn't glide across the skin. It also doesn't blend into the skin and it settles in fine lines.

I love the formula of these, but the Nars Matte Lip Pencil in Roman Holiday is too cool toned and has an undesired frosty finish. I simply should not have purchased this shade as it doesn't flatter my skin tone.

March 7, 2015

Mac Cinderella Collection-- Royal Ball

You've probably already heard a lot about this collection. I haven't ever been that interested in a collection before, but my friend really wanted to go look at the Cinderella collection, so I went with him and basically have no willpower, so I had to pick something else. He purchased the Free as a Butterfly lipstick, among other things, and I purchased Royal Ball, $17.50. 

The outer packaging is blue iridescent and gold. I love packaging, as it is beautiful and elegant.

Elf Smudge Pot in Cruisin Chic

The Elf Smudge Pots cost $3 each, so I took the chance to purchase one and test it out. I love cream eyeshadows and have pretty high standards.

Keeping in mind how inexpensive this product is, the packaging impresses me. It is some of the higher quality packaging among elf products. The plastic container is sleek and easy to use, not like the square containers that some Elf products come packaged in.

Cruisin Chic is a bronze. It is similar to Benefit's Birthday Suit and Maybelline's Bad to the Bronze. I like it on its own, but it looks and works much better as a base. It looks wonderful underneath other neutral shades. The metallic shade gets duller after it dries, but it still looks fine. The cream shadow lasts a long time without a primer, but looks better with a primer. Nonetheless, the wear time is amazing.

These cream shadows are a good value and are better than I had originally expected. They're definitely worth checking out.

March 5, 2015

Sephora Sheet Masks// Honey and Lotus

I have tried a few sheet masks and have found that I prefer them over traditional masks. I was really excited to see that Sephora came out with a line of sheet masks for only $6; some other sheet masks can be very pricey. 

The texture of the sheet mask is thicker and less liquid soaked than the other two I have tried. The only problem I have is that these masks can fall off a little bit, but if you just sit back and relax, it stays on perfectly. 

The Lotus Mask has a clean, fresh scent. It claims to be moisturizing and soothing. this one also made my skin feel softer and I feel like it did kind of hydrate my skin. 

The Honey Mask does not have a distinctive scent, which I did not expect. It claims to be nourishing and balancing. I just noticed that it left my skin feeling softer. 

I definitely want to try out some of the other versions of this mask, particularly the Pomegranate one. Currently, there is a promotion on Sephora; buy 4 masks get 1 free, which is a pretty great deal.

March 3, 2015

Champagne Cream Shadows

I love cream eyeshadows and often use them as a base or alone for a quick, simple look. I have tried quite a few and narrowed down my favorites to three. 

top- Stila Kitten
middle- Benefit RSVP
bottom- Mac Barestudy
Stila Smudge Pot in Kitten is the newest edition to my collect. It is a neutral tone and the smoothest formula. It can be a little bit thick, but blends out nicely. 

Benefit Cream Shadow in RSVP is the most pink in tone. It is quite a thick texture, but still glides onto the skin. It wears a pretty long time, but without a high quality primer can crease easily. 

My hands down favorite is the Mac Paint Pot in Barestudy. It is the most gold in tone of the three shades. I find it to have the longest wear time and be the easiest to wear. It is bendable and not very thick, yet very opaque.