January 4, 2016

Current Curly Hair Care

I switch up certain aspects of my hair care routine often, while I repurchase other products time after time. I switch up my shampoo and conditioner all the time and currently I am using the Davines Solu refreshing shampoo and the DevaCurl One Condition. However, on most days I wash with the DevaCurl No-Poo Cleansing Conditioner. My hair and curls respond better to this product than most traditional shampoos and conditioners. When my hair needs more attention, I use the Macadamia Deep Repair Masque, which really makes my hair feel soft and healthy. 

As far as products when I get out of the shower, I always start with a detangler and currently it has been the Weightless Moisture Leave in Conditioner from Macadamia. Then, when my hair is extra dry, I like the Macadamia Healing Oil Treatment. I tend to switch up my curling creams/gels often, but recently I ordered the original Curl Keeper from Birchbox and I absolutely love how lightweight yet moisturizing it is. When I need a hair spray, I have been using the Macadamia Natural Oil Control spray-- I just like any flexible hold hairspray. If I have second or third day hair that needs a like refreshing, I use the Bumble and Bumble Pret a Powder dry shampoo. It works better than any aerosol dry shampoo I have tried and doesn't weigh down my curls. 

December 26, 2015

My Simplified Travel Makeup Bag

Considering I tend to overpack on makeup, this selection, for a week long trip, is a modest amount.

Starting with face products, I like to bring an all purpose primer, like the Smashbox Photo Finish, and a lightweight, but buildable coverage foundation, like the Laura Mercier Smooth Finish Flawless Fluide. I'm also bringing a reliable concealer, which for me is the Bobbi Brown Corrector in Bisque. I bring a standard bronzer and blush, Nars Laguna and Tarte Dollface. For highlighter, I can use the shimmering eyeshadow that I'm bringing.

As for my eyes, I like to bring an easy to use eyebrow product, like the Anastasia Brow Wiz, and a dependable eye primer, the Rimmel Exaggerate eye primer. For eyeshadows I'm packing a cream shadow, the Mac Paint Pot in Vintage Selection, a standard palette, the Urban Decay Naked Basics palette, and a less neutral shadow for versatility, the Nars Shadow Duo in Charade. For eyes, I'm also bringing a solid black liquid liner, a miniature of the Stila Stay All Day Liquid Liner, and a basic mascara, Maybelline's the Rocket.

For lips, I'm packing two long lasting lip colors, one nude, Rimmel's Provocalips in Dare to Pink, and one red or one bolder color, Rimmel's Provocalips in Play with Fire.

For brushes, I'm not bringing a foundation brush, since I don't really need one, but I am bringing a brush for bronzer, Bare Mineral's Handy Buki, and a brush for blush, a miniature brush from Nars. For eyes, I'm packing a shadow brush, Mac 239, a crease brush, Mac 217, a blending brush, Mac 224, and an angled brush for liner, Mac 265.

December 22, 2015

Celestial Seasoning Tea

I'm not obsessed with tea and I don't drink it everyday; however, I really like the Celestial Seasonings Teas. Fortunately, when I went to Target, Celestial Seasoning's Teas were on sale (3 for $7).

My trusty pick is Country Peach Passion. I went out and bought a new box when I finished the last one. It isn't too strong or sweet, but it just has a nice peachy flavor. I like that it is a basic peach tea, not combined with other flavors. Although it's not Spring or Summer, I still enjoy fruity teas.

When I was in Target, I wanted to give the Fruit Tea Sampler a try. Since, I like the peach flavor so much I figure this is a pretty safe choice. Thus far, I have tried and enjoyed the Wild Berry flavor.

Other than being out of the peach flavor, the real reason I went to look at tea was to buy their seasonal Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride. I have heard people obsessing over this flavor and am glad I also gave it a try. It's sweeter without being too sweet. I prefer it with milk, which makes it remind me of a chai.

September 27, 2015

Visiting the Birchbox Store

Recently, when I was in New York, I made it a goal to visit the Birchbox store. I was way too in the moment to remember to take pictures of the store itself, so thank you Google and Birchbox.com for the picture above. The store is logically set up, with a large selection and variety of products.

I took the opportunity to build my own box, which happens in the section toward the back of the picture, for $15. Building your own box means mixing and matching samples from different categories (Birchbox also offers a build your own men's boxes).

The first thing I picked up is the Masqueology Brightening Sheet Mask. I love getting brightening masks in my monthly boxes, so why wouldn't I pick up one for my own box.

I doubled on products in the face category, because nothing in the makeup section really attracted my attention, but I was excited to see the Jouer Daily Repair Treatment Oil. I love everything I have tried from Jouer and I also like trying samples of face oils, so this was the perfect sample for me to pick.

I am always happy when Birchbox sends me hair products, so I chose the Miss Jessie's Super Sweetback Treatment. This deep conditioner comes in quite a generous size and is made for curly hair.

Even though I am not always the biggest fan of perfume samples, this Comptoir Sud Pacifique Vanilla Extreme sample basically smells like expensive, strong, vanilla. A distinct vanilla, that doesn't smell like straight candy, is sometimes hard to find in a perfume.

Finishing off my box, I chose the Whish Exfoliating Body Wash in Coconut Milk. I love all of the Whish products that I have tried from Birchbox and this one smells super light and fresh, so this product seemed like a logical addition.

September 8, 2015

Deva Curl NoPoo Cleansing Conditioner

I have heard about the Deva Curl products from others with curly hair and decided to pick up the NoPoo Cleansing Conditioner. For some reason I assumed that this was a clarifying shampoo, but after getting home I was pleasantly surprised to learn that it is a cleansing conditioner.

The product comes out with the same texture as a conditioner. It doesn't lather and just absorbs into the hair and then completely washes out. Using this cleansing conditioner leaves my hair looking healthier, feeling softer, and styling better. When my hair is extra dry, I follow it up with the Deva Curl One Condition and it transforms my locks. 

At first, it smelled kind of like rose, but with more use it smells more more like a light, floral mint. it doesn't leave much scent in my hair and leaves it smelling simply clean.

Basically if you have curly hair, you should try this. It revamped my curls and I love it so much I've bought it twice, in a bigger size. 

September 1, 2015

Bath and Body Works Fall Candles-- Autumn and Leaves

Now that it is September, I feel like I can officially use the word "Fall." Fall is the only time of year when I don't mind stepping foot into Bath and Body Works. I went in the other day expecting to purchase my favorite fall candle, Leave. I came out, taking full advantage of their 2 for $24 deal, with my old favorite and a new scent to try, Autumn.

Leaves is the cult classic as far as fall candles go. It is basically the fall version of any summer fruity scent. Bath and Body Works describes it as being a blend of golden nectar, red apple, and spiced berries.

The lady at the store told me that if I like Leaves, I will probably also like Autumn. In simple terms, Autumn is the manlier, more butch if you will, version of Leaves. It still has a spiced fruit feel, but with less spice and more tree. It's described as a blend of red apple, cedarwood, and fir balsam.

I think I like Leaves better than most other scents, but Autumn is a nice change.

August 27, 2015

Francesca's Necklace Purchases

I tend to wear basic and simple outfits and then use necklaces to add dimension and interest. It's a really easy way to make a comfortable outfit look a little bit more put together. I also tend to wear the same 4 necklaces consistently. Needless to say, I can always use necklaces to add to the rotation. I stopped by Francesca's and bought 6 necklaces, all around $20 (they were also all buy 1 get 1 50% off).

I tend to like triangles on necklaces and I like the placement of these triangles. The fact that there is more interest than just a pendant on the end of a chain makes this neckalce more interesting, even though it is still relatively simple.

I like the fringe on this necklace, even though when I wear it,  I tend to constantly be touching it. This necklace comes in silver and gold and it is definitely something different than most of the necklaces I own.
This necklace is also different than most other ones. I like the intricate design and find it really pops against solid shirts. 
This blue and gold beaded, fringe-styled necklace is my immediate favorite. I like how it adds color, but still looks relatively neutral. Though it doesn't seem like it would make much of a difference, the curved shape is quite flattering. 
I own a few statement necklaces and like how they give personality to my normally simple and honestly boring outfits. Purple tends to be one of my favorite colors as well, so naturally I gravitated toward this necklace. 

To spice things up a bit, and not purchase only gold jewelry, I landed on this necklace. I like how the wire wraps around itself and I think the white beads look clean. I've been told this necklace looks a little bit like an ice cream cone. I still like it, but, I do admit, it does look like an ice cream cone.

August 22, 2015

Mac Pigments//Vanilla, Naked

Vanilla, Naked

I recently bought three of the Mac Sized to Go Pigments, $10 each. By buying the smaller versions, I was able to test out two shades for a cheaper price (Full size costs $21, which is too large and I would never be able to use up).

I have stayed away from pigments for a long time, for obvious reasons of mess and my tendencies to drop things. I have been successful thus far and haven't spilled. When using these pigments you need to use a minimal amount of product and a steady hand, although, no matter what you do, they can be a bit very messy.

There are a few options for shades, but I chose to stick to classic neutrals. Vanilla is a warm, soft, white, with a golden shimmer. It is very light but looks really nice on the eyes, especially if you sweep it across the lids with a Mac 217 or any similar brush or pop it in your inner corner. It can sometimes be a little bit harsh as it is a very light, almost ghostly shade. Naked is a neutral, light, frosty, beige. This is the perfect shade for all over the lids. I like using it to blend out any harsh lines and it pairs nicely with Vanilla.

Vanilla, Naked

August 20, 2015

Hair Product Empties

Usually, I buy each item at varying times, but I ran out of a decent bit of my hair products around the same time.

Marshalls and TJ Maxx always have Macadamia hair products for a cheaper price, so I bought the value sized Rejuvenating Shampoo for about half the price. I like this shampoo and will repurchase it again one day, but currently I am in love with another shampoo.  Now the Macadamia line offers more options for shampoo, so I am interested in trying different ones out in the future. 

As you can probably pick up on, I love Macadamia products. Their Control Hair Spray is nice, but there are many other hairsprays from the drugstore that do the same thing for more than half the price. Since revamping their line, Macadamia no longer sells this particular hair spray, but they offer a few other varieties. 

I received the Macadamia Flawless Cleansing Conditioner in a Birchbox. It dispenses the product in a cool foam and works well enough, but Deva Curl makes a cleansing conditioner that just works better. 

I also received the Amika Un.Done Texture Spray from Birchbox. This product may work better for straight or wavy hair, but it doesn't do anything for my hair. 

The It's a 10 Miracle Leave in Product is one of my all time favorite hair products. I use it overtime I wash and brush out my hair. I have always and will continue to repurchase this product. 

August 16, 2015

August 2015 Birchbox- Soak it Up

This month's Birchbox is basically about taking advantage of the last bit of Summer and the campy box, which has a pool printed on it, definitely sends that message. 

This is a basic dry shampoo, with a mediocre clean and fresh scent. The only reason I will probably reach for this over my favorite, the Bumble and Bumble Pret-a-powder, is that it is invisible and doesn't leave any residue in your hair

I have been using almost exclusively DevaCurl products and find they really help make my hair look and feel a lot better. I have had my eyes on this product and almost bought it, hence I am so glad I decided to wait so I can test it out before committing to buying a bottle. This product is definitely a winner. 

I like receiving almost anything from Laqa and Co; however, I find this shade, Humble Bug, is not the most flattering.

I thought the BB fad was over, but apparently Benefit has other plans as they just came out with a BB primer for your eyelids. Honestly, I am not excited about this product, annoyed would be more appropriate because I am, and have been for a long time, over BB anything. 

This moisturizer is a rich, thick, creamy, gel, which is something you can't find in most moisturizers. I really like the way it feels, but I cannot stand the strong scent. 

Overall this was a decent box, but the DevaCurl cream is the one thing that makes the box worthwhile.