July 3, 2014

Nars Lipstick in Dolce Vita

 Nars has a high quality Lipstick and though I have heard mixed feelings regarding the shade Dolce Vita, but I picked it up anyway and boy am I glad I did.
Nars Lipsticks, which cost $26, come in traditional rubberized matte black packaging. The tube is small and compact with white Nars labeling.
These claim to be simple, creamy lipsticks that deliver good pigmentation and nourishing. I find all of the claims to be true.
Nars offers two formulas, semi-matte and satin. Dolce Vita is a satin finish and described as a sheer dusty rose. I find the shade ultra-flattering as a my lips but better shade. It is not shimmery or streaky, but definitely has a shiny finish. It has even coverage and delivers good pigmentation.

I love everything about this lipstick and find it to be suitable for most occasions. I'm thinking about purchasing another shade from Nars, but think I might give some of their other lip prodcuts a try first. Do you have any favorite lip products from Nars?


  1. I've heard such good things about Nars, i really need to try some of their stuff! Love the blog:')

    1. I definitely recommend them as a brand! Thanks!

    2. Looks like a really gorgeous color for fall! I defiantly need to pick up so more fun lip colors for summer time, and now I shall try Nars, per you recommendation. Have you tried any other colors from their line that you like and would recommend? Lovely post!

    3. Thanks! This is the only shade I have true but I have heard a lot about jungle red. I have also heard a lot about their stick lip products!

  2. Really gorgeous everyday color! I always pass by the nars lipsticks and don't give them a second though! Really need to go back to sephora and check these out!