July 7, 2014

Nyx Dark Circle Concealer in Medium

The Nyx Dark Circle Concealer costs $5.99 at Ulta  and claims to get the job done. Nyx says that this product covers dark circles with orange tones without looking cakey and thick.
The product comes in a plastic jar with a black lid, quite sleek for the drugstore. I find the formula is very thick and almost dry. Though it does warm up when applied with your fingers,
it is not enough. The concealer still looks thick and unnatural. Once you apply it, it is basically stuck and there is little hope of working with it. On the plus side it does last awhile, but not in a good way. I find the concealer creases and settles into any fine lines.
Despite the poor texture, the tone is suitable for bad undereye circles. However the product is basically unable to blend, the color just sits, and looks unflattering.
I wouldn't recommend spending even $6 on this product as I don't find it usable and don't see it being usable for others.


  1. Great post,dear!Really like this:)
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    Antonella <3

  2. Oh it's a shame this concealer didn't really work for you Abby! I'm very picky when it comes to concealers so I know how annoying it is when they they don't blend in nicely ..

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    1. It's okay, I know I am picky and the Bobbi Brown Corrector makes up for it!