July 4, 2014

Why you should be making a trip to Bath and Body Works

I try to resist from stepping foot into a Bath and Body Works because every time I leave with more than I anticipated buying. Simply put, the same thing happened this time.
The store I was in was selling loads of hand soaps for $3 each. The sale prompted me to purchase two favorites, Market Peach and Cucumber Melon, two new scents to try, Endless Weekend and Pacific Cool Breeze. Considering each of the soaps are usually $6.50 this is a very good deal and I couldn't stop myself from stocking up. I liked the scent of Pacific Cool Breeze so much that I decided to purchase the hand sanitizer in the same scent.

While I was there I decided to try a few of their body products. From the Aroma Therapy Stress Relief Line I picked up the Eucalyptus Tangerine Body Wash. I love the scent and it jus so happened to be $6.50 instead of the usual $13. I also bought 2 things from the True Blue Spa range, the Super Rich Foot Cream and the 60-Second Manicure Hand Scrub. Even though the True Blue Spa Range wasn't an amazing sale, they are high quality products and I have had a good experience with the products.

Lastly, I decided to pick up a new basic scentoportable holder for my car, as the one I have is seasonal. I also picked up three refills, Watermelon Lemonade, Vanilla Coconut, and Peach Bellini, which were also on sale.

Bath and Body Works always has great sales and I recommend taking a trip there because some of these sales are still happening.


  1. Thank you for the post! I heard recently that B&BW stopped doing their online surveys :(, So I shall be defiantly checking out these deals!
    xo | nichellexoxo.weebly.com/blog

    1. I never took advantage of their online surveys, but I'm surprised to hear they're no longer offering them since most stores do!

  2. Ooh, love the sound of cucumber and melon!


    1. The scent is one of my favorites. I wish they still made body products in it, but for now the hand soaps will do!